Gardening Season

Gardening Season

If your back is achy, or your wrists are sore after spending the day gardening, you might want to make sure your garden tools are ergonomically friendly. When used correctly, these tools are designed to keep your body parts in neutral positions and reduce stress on the joints. Also be sure to take frequent breaks from repetitive motions like hoeing, weeding, pruning, etc. If you plan to work all day, alternate tasks approximately every 30 minutes so you use different parts of the body.

Remember to lift correctly by bending your knees and holding the object close to your body. Use a wheel barrow or tarp to drag heavy things around, or make your teenage kids do it :). Protect your knees by wearing knee pads, or get one of those garden seats so you can sit while you work. Finally, don’t forget to warm up and stretch before you start! Oh, and finally, finally, drink lots of water!

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